Your Holistic Health

It is a matter of life and death that you learn how to enhance and maintain your health.
If, God forbids, you should get very sick or even die from consuming contaminated foods or medicines, then the burden of proof is on the victim and not the victimizer. Even if you do win a judgement against the offending party, then there is a limit or cap to the amount of your compensation- per the Tort reform act of 2004. As you can see, the rich corporations have more than slanted the court system into their favors. Here are some of the comments made by The judiciary committee’s ranking member, Rep. John Conyers of Michigan at the time this legislation was being presented:“The legislation is literally a financial wish list for the Pharmaceutical companies and the Insurance companies; and so, rather than helping the Doctors and the patients, the measure before us today would guarantee a windfall for the health care businesses,”.

I recommend that you learn to grow your own foods via personal gardens or community gardens. If you don’t want to consider those methods, then buying from a local farmer’s market might make more sense or shop at supermarkets such as Whole Foods Market. If you do not learn to feed yourself, then you will continue to be at the mercy of the costly, profit first and foremost Food and Health Care Industries. Consider the services of a local Naturopathic doctor or Herbologist to take care of your and your families’ healthcare needs. Don’t wait until you are caught over a barrel before you realize there is a problem. Be proactive and take charge of Your Holistic Health.

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